Our Mission

Our mission is to create the best up-to-date histology reference and learning environment for pathologists, with a smart, searchable website, a vast array of cases, and an easy-to-navigate, intuitive design. Our website is designed to facilitate a meaningful collaboration between users, as well as allow non-contributors to browse through our database. In order for us to accomplish this, we need you to share your valuable expertise and a moment of your time. By coalescing our knowledge and experience, we can create a contemporary tool for pathologists worldwide.

Why use HistoCloud

HistoCloud presents your cases in an organized and searchable format, while still allowing you to easily share your findings through social media.

Future Plans

While we continuously improve our site for your usability, we plan to bring whole-slide scan uploading and the ability to address private cases in the future.

Our Team
August W. Moritz, DO
Said Albahra, MD